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On Thursday, Cole worked until about 3:00 in the morning. Yuck. When he arrived home, he unexpectedly had flowers for me. For no real reason other than he thought I would like them. At 3:00 am. I loved them – without a doubt the best part of my day!! Yesterday, the best part of my … Continue reading

Some Awesome Stuff

I’ve been slack at my blog here lately. Sorry, self. Sorry, readers. I think about it a lot, and almost always identify the best part of my day as I am heading to bed, but getting on here and writing seems to allude me most days. I blame the fact that I spend most of … Continue reading

The Weekend

This past weekend was lovely – slow, and lovely. Friday I had a busy work day, and had been looking forward to going out for a nice dinner. Well, by the time we were ready for dinner, Cole and I were both feeling tired and ready to relax, so we ended up picking up some … Continue reading

Happy Spring!

… even though it doesn’t really feel like spring today because it is cold and snowy out…. but I digress.   A week ago, last Thursday, the best part of my day was arriving home after a yoga class to find that my wonderful man had made dinner – steak, sweet potatoes, and green beans. … Continue reading

Lovely Lazy Weekend

This past weekend was not terribly eventful, but lovely.   Friday the best part of my day was a sushi dinner date with Cole. We treated ourselves to our favorite sushi restaurant in the city, where the flavours are always awesome and the fish is always fresh. We shared a bottle of warm sake, and … Continue reading